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Bhavan's Students:

1.  Respect Bharatiya Shiksha and culture, respect parents, elders and teachers & avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
2.  Are always friendly with others, ready to lend a helping hand to their parents, brothers, sisters, teachers and  companions and any unattended visitor they happen to meet on the            school premises
3.  Rise when any teacher or visitor enters any room or place when they happen to be sitting.
4.  Never quarrel, cheat (or are) unfair at play and are  courteous to and sportsman like with opposing teams and officials.
5.  Know that cruelty and causing pain to other is the trait of a bully while kindness is the mark of a gentle boy and girl.
6.  Never make fun of the old or the poor, neither make fun of companions because of a misfortune or a handicap which he/she cannot help, for they know that God's hands rest          loving on the heads of all these persons.
7.  Respect and maintain the neatness of their classroom and the school premises and report any damage they may observe.
8.  Learn and observe good table manners in library and elsewhere.
9.  Are always truthful.
10. Try to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live, instead of lamenting and grumbling over the evils of this world.

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