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The school assembly begins with the prayer in which all students and staff members are expected to join. After the prayer, there will be pledge taking, thought for the day, reading news and short speeches by principal, students and member of staff. There will be national anthem at the end of it. During the assembly the students have to observe proper decorum and solemnity befitting the occasion. There is a brief evening assembly held in respective classes at the end of the last period, during which a short prayer is said followed by signing of Bhavan’s anthem . The birthdays of the children will be announced in the assembly and duly celebrated. Parents may contribute a book to the school library in this occasion.

Assembly sessions include prayers of different faiths on different days. The students are encouraged to conduct assembly in different languages including English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit.

News and articles are delivered in that particular language. Students are also encouraged to deliver speeches during the assembly sessions.
Updated on: 03 Apr 2017